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TOYOTOMI 84 Litre Fuel Tank (TAK 90SJ)

The TOYOTOMI 84L Tank is Powdercoated Stainless Steel (SUS430 grade) and is supplied with outlet valve (5/16" flare) and drain valve. While the tank can be supplied with the Toyotomi factory stainless steel "legs", these are usually of no use for NZ install and custom brackets or legs may be required (optional extra).
As the FF-95 is gravity fed, the bottom of the tank needs to be installed so that is is at least 400mm higher than the floor that the heater is installed on (but not more than 2.5m). As tank mountings differ widely, with our experience and photographs of your site, we can offer the most practical solution for your site.
In some areas a bund tank (not included) is required by local authorities - contact us on 0800 379 247 or info@avonelectric.co.nz to discuss your requirements.

A fuel filter is required to be installed in the fuel pipe between the tank and heater (see below).

Download Toyotomi 84L Tank Specsheet

Download Toyotomi Tank Install Guide

BEL Fire Valve

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BEL Auto Fire Valve & Parts

BEL Auto Fire Valve with mounting brackets & 2 x ¼" gas pipe to 5/16" flare unions & 2 x 5/16" flare nuts

Gar-Ber Fuel Filter

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Gar-Ber Fuel Filter & Parts

Gar-Ber Fuel Filter with 2 x ¼" gas to 5/16" flare unions & 2 x 5/16" flare nuts

Gar-Ber R2000 replacement Fuel Filter Cartridge are available (please contact Avon).

Avon is sole NZ agent for Gar-Ber Fuel Filters (www.garberfilters.com).

Balanced Flue

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TOYOTOMI Balanced Flue

The Toyotomi Balanced Flue has an inner and outer tube assembly, and as supplied with each heater is suitable for walls from 130mm up to 320mm thick (see photo) (Pt No 17206096). This inner and outer flue assembly can be extended up to approximately 1100mm with optional extra Flue PIpe Extensions, these extensions can be used where the flue needs to pass through a very thick wall or fireplace for example.

The Installation manual refers to "Flue Pipe Extensions" & "Extension Pipe Kits" (see pages 15-17 of the FF-95 manual - download here).

Four Sizes of Extensions for the Balanced Flue are available
Flue pipe extension (for wall thickness 230mm - 320mm) - pictured and supplied with each heater
Flue pipe extension (for wall thickness 320mm - 420mm) - not pictured
Flue pipe extension (for wall thickness 420mm - 520mm) - not pictured
Flue pipe extension (for wall thickness 520mm - 620mm) - not pictured

FF-95 info - balanced flue   

Flue Extension Kitsets

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TOYOTOMI Flue Extension Kitsets

Extension Pipe Kits extend the distance between the Heater and the "Balanced Flue Pipe" assembly (see manual pages 15-17 - download here).

Three Sizes Are Available
Extension Pipe Kit L (extends inner and outer pipe system by 1565mm to 2000mm)
Extension Pipe Kit M (extends inner and outer pipe system by 570mm to 1000mm)
Extension Pipe Kit S (extends inner and outer pipe system by 320mm to 500mm)

Note: Extensions must not exceed 3m in total length with 3 x 90° bends.

Note: The NZBC requires hot surfaces to be adequately protected (see manual page 16- 90° install). Photograph and sketch your installation site, and we can usually provide an acceptable solution.

Note: A custom made wall plinth is available to cover the gap between the back of the heater and the wall - contact Avon for details & quotation.

Fuel Lifter Pump

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Fuel Lifter Pump OPT-91UL

Where the FF-95C heater is installed above the fuel tank i.e. on a hillside or upstairs in a 2 storey home, an optional extra fuel lifter pump is available. It will automatically lift fuel up to 8-10m max above the fuel tank. Can be installed near and above the Heater. When enquiring for details of the fuel lifter pump please provide actual site photographs or a sketch, (or both) with all relevant dimensions of your installation. Comes supplied in a weathertight enclosure.

Approx Enclosure Dimensions: 400mm(W)x500mm(H)x140mm(D)

Needs to be wired to a 230V AC, 50Hz Power Supply

(Please ask for current price!)

Heater Colours

TOYOTOMI Heater Paint Colours -- comparable to "British Standard 5252"

The colours below (pictured on left) are neutral modern colours and blend with almost any decor.
Heater Part Paint Name Paint Code
 Resene CLOUD : BS 06-A-03 Cabinet Finish nearest to "Resene CLOUD" BS 06-A-03
 Resene MOUNTAIN MIST : BS 00A-05 Drip Tray Base nearest to "Resene MOUNTAIN MIST" BS 00A-05
 Resene SUVA GREY : BS 02-A-07 Hot Air Outlet Grille nearest to "Resene SUVA GREY" BS 02-A-07

Heaters can be custom painted almost any other colour - enquire for details.

Other Accessories

Thread Sealer
Thread Sealer (for Diesel) taper gaspipe threads - LOCTITE 577 - 10ml cannister.

  Fusible Link String
Spare Fusible Link String (each heater supplied with 25m) 20m


Contact Avon for the "TOYOTOMI Spare Parts List"
email: info@avonelectric.co.nz
phone: call 0800 379 247 - Avon Customer Relations Dept.

1) All prices for products, parts and accessories are subject to change without notice.