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Balanced Flue

LASERTM Heaters are supplied with a flue and all flue parts for a typical "through the wall" installation for walls between 230mm and 330mm thick (for thicker walls see flue extension kits on the accessories page).

 click to view larger image The balanced flue assembly is made as a "tube within a tube" (see photo on right - click photo to enlarge) that installs through an outside wall. The heater exhaust fan "power exhausts" combusted gasses from the heater to outside via the inner 42mm diameter stainless steel tube and the combustion air fan "sucks" outside air through the 60mm diameter "green outer tube" into the heater.

Simple "Through Wall" Installation

 click to view larger image To install the balanced flue assembly in its most simple manner -- create a 75mm diameter hole in the outside wall with a slight downwards angle falling toward the outside as condensation (a few drops per minute at worst) forms in the hot exhaust tube and must be directed outside. Disassemble the balanced flue by unscrewing part A from part B (see photo on right - click photo to enlarge).

 click to view larger image The balanced flue becomes two seperate parts when disassembled (see photo on right - click photo to enlarge). Fit part B into the wall from inside, and part A into the wall from outside. Then screw the two parts together until the wall is firmly clamped between the flanges effectively eliminating holes through roofs, flashing, weather cowls etc. The installation is now complete.

The balanced flue is suitable for "zero clearance" in a "combustible" wall, and must be used in every LASERTM heater installation where the flue passes through the building wall because the heat exchange effect in the cooling of the exhaust pipe temperature and preheating combustion air are vital parts of the overall performance of the LASERTM heater.

When the Laser and its Balanced Flue assembly is installed as per the simple, basic, user friendly instructions, the combustion air is 100% supplied from outside, and the exhaust gasses are delivered to outside. The pipes are gasket and hose clip sealed so that no diesel fumes or combusted gasses can ever escape into the occupied heated space.