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Easy Installation

 Heater Installation - Wall Spacing Throughout NZ, most large heaters require an Installation Consent from your local Council. Avon can arrange installation anywhere.

The simplicity of the balanced flue (see image on right - click image to enlarge) enables LASERTM heaters to be installed in a typical through wall installation in an hour or two, plus the external tank (see balanced flue page for more information).

The Combustion Chamber and Flue are fully sealed so that no diesel fumes can enter the heater space. Made of high quality Stainless Steel (SUS 430 Grade), the entire combustion chamber, flue pipes and balanced flue assembly cannot rust or corrode.

A range of accessories are available to simplify complicated installations (see accessories page).

An optional custom made perforated sheet metal cover is available to fit between the back of the heater and the wall, painted to any colour. Inquire for a sketch drawing to enable you to fill in the exact dimensions prior to manufacture, fax or mail to Avon and we will manufacture the "cover" to suit your site.

There are many options for fuel tanks (see accessories page), from the 84 litre TOYOTOMI Stainless Steel Tank (TAK 90SJ) to large bunded and unbunded tanks 250 litre 500 litre and 1,000 litre. Your individual needs will determine the best tank option. Remember, the bottom of the tank must be at least 16mm above the floor that the LASERTM Heater is installed on, and the top of the tank must be less than 2.8 metres above the floor which the LASERTM is installed upon. Extension tank legs are available.

 BEL Fire Shut-Off Valve NZ regulations require the fuel supply from the tank to be fitted with an automatic shut off valve, to stop the fuel supply in the event of a fire anywhere in the vicinity of the tank the pipe or the heater. A long proven method is a spring loaded auto shut off valve (see photo on right - click photo to enlarge, also see accessories page) installed close to the tank, and held open with a special "string" that is stretched taut between the lever of the fire valve and an anchor point inside the heater. Then if any excessive heat occurs anywhere along the entire length of the string, or near the fuel tank, the string fails and the fire valve shuts OFF the fuel supply. Avon supplies TOYOTOMI heaters with the fusible link string, fire valve ans fuel filter fitted.

Clean fuel is absolutely critical for the reliable operation of any liquid fuel burning heater or engine. Avon supplies a special "spin-on" fuel filter that not only traps water droplets and filters fuel, but which will separate water from diesel fuel even when the water and fuel have been "homogenized" (see Gar-ber Fuel filter on the accessories page).

For installations where there is no option but to install the tank below the LASERTM heater, or when several heaters need to be supplied from one fuel tank (ideal for low cost total Central Heating in larger homes) a "Fuel Lifter" pump is available (see accessories page).

The completed installation must comply with National and Local Council Codes relating to the installation, and be approved by a factory trained installer (and possibly by a Local Council Inspector), prior to initial fire-up. An installation certificate supplied with each heater must be completed by the installer (a copy provided for the owner, the installer and Avon).