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LASERTM L56 5.6kW Diesel Heater

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How LASERTM Heaters Work

 click to view larger image  click to view larger image There are two types of small capacity diesel burners, Vaporising or "Pot" burners and Power or "Gun" burners. LASERTM heaters have high performance Power Burners.

LASERTM heaters feature manual or automatic ignition (matches, or artificial means of ignition is never required). A pressure fuel pump sprays diesel through a jet nozzle into the combustion chamber (no matches, fire-lighters, diesel fumes, soot, or smoked up glass doors to clean - ever).

Ignition is automatic and silent. A fuel pump sprays diesel through a jet nozzle into the combustion chamber. (no matches, fire-lighters, diesel fumes, soot, or smoked up glass doors to clean). All LASERTM and OIL MISERTM heaters feature electro-combustion technology which has been field proven over 16 years and include a computer controlled fuel injection nozzle and fuel pump (almost silent) with ultra quiet (separate) combustion air and exhaust gas exhaust fans.

The entire combustion system within the heated space is 100% sealed and air tight (see photos on right - click photos to enlarge). Perfect combustion is continuously assured because two separate "combustion air" and "exhaust" air fans ("turbo type and ultra quiet) eliminate the effects of outdoor winds which are the common cause of "back-drafts, blow-backs, fumes and smoke in convection diesel burners without a powered flue. No exhaust gasses or diesel fumes or smoke can ever enter the heated indoor space. All combustion air is taken from outdoors, and all combusted gasses are fan forced to outdoors. The outdoor exhaust outlet of the LASERTM heaters can directly discharge against winds up to approx 60kmh without problems.

The Laser heater has three fans, one to re-circulate air throughout the heated space and another combustion air fan sources all combustion air from outside and pressure forces the air into the combustion chamber (like a blacksmiths forge). Another "exhaust" fan collects the combusted gasses from the combustion chamber, and forces these gasses to outside. Cold combustion air passes through the 70mm tube in the Balanced Flue Heat Exchanger. The hot exhaust gasses pass through the balanced flue heat exchanger, via a 42mm "inner" pipe. The cool combustion air in the outer pipe cools the exhaust pipe and the hot exhaust gases "preheat" the incoming combustion air. The 70mm outer combustion air pipe is always cool and so can be installed through any wall - even made of combustible materials.

A pressure fuel pump pressurises a fuel nozzle, which automises diesel fuel as it entries the combustion chamber. A computer monitors all aspects of combustion, and varies the speeds of the three fans, the rate of fuel delivery, and the temperature of the exhaust etc, to ensure that all combustion is "perfect" at all times. Two electronic thermostats allow the owner to control the room temperature, either manually or automatically.