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LASERTM FF-95 9.5kW Diesel Heater

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Whole House Heating

The LASERTM FF-95 9.5kW Diesel Heater can heat an entire house, to discuss your requirements call Avon for free advice on 0800 379 247, or email us at info@avonelectric.co.nz.

Because the FF-95 has three automatic heating stages (9.5kW, 5.49kW and 2.96kW) the heater actually sizes itself for the heating load. Thus the Laser FF-95 is equally suitable for heating a very large area (either a large living area, or an entire home) or, if installed in a smaller area, or home, the Laser will switch down to whatever output capacity suits the size of the area to be heated.

On a warm day after a cold morning, the Laser will automatically switch itself OFF, then as the room space cools down, (ie... the evening cools down), the Laser will automatically restart by itself, and maintain whatever temperature was pre-selected on the thermostat.

The overnight setback thermostat enables the Laser to be programmed to automatically turn down late at night, and to turn up early next morning so the home is warm when the household arises.

Manual control is also provided -- simply press the Burner button ON, and select the desired temperature -- as easy to use as a light switch !!

  • Compact size
  • Contemporary design and colours
  • User friendly controls (fully automatic via integral computer)
  • No hearth or fire surround is neccessary
  • Over 92% efficient fuel economy
  • Burns standard automotive diesel fuel
  • 2 x programmable time clock thermostats
  • Ultra quiet fan operation
  • Shut Off Safety System
  • 3 Cycle Burner Mode
  • Power Failure Recovery System
  • Self Diagnostic System
  • Large Digital Display with Room Temperature, Set Temperature, Time and Error Codes
  • Automatic Igniter Cleaning System
  • Very simple flue installation - only a 75mm hole in wall needed for flue pipe even in combustible walls (flue included with heater at no extra cost)
  • 100% fully sealed stainless steel combustion system - no fumes, smoke or soot can enter the occupied space
  • ECAN Approved
  • LASERTM integral Safety systems exceed NZ / Aust Standards requirements.


The Diesel nozzle (fuel jet) needs to be cleaned. If the controls are set to "Automatic" the Nozzle is automatically cleaned at 2am each day. It controls are set to "Manual" (push button start), the Nozzle is manually cleaned by pushing a button. After the automatic cleaning function (approx. 10 minutes) the heater returns to its previous setting.

The fan guard at the rear of the heater is also an air filter to filter pet hairs and fabric / carpet dust from the air entering the heater. Approximately weekly, make a visual check to ensure that it is clear of dust and dirt approximately weekly.

The fuel filter (on the fuel tank) needs to be checked from time to time. If fitted with a Gar-Ber fuel filter (see accessories page), and if average NZ clean diesel fuel is used, the need to change or check the filter will be approx every 5 to 10 years. A blocked fuel filter is identified by the heater computer as a fuel shortage, and an "Error Code" is displayed on the Control panel digital readout. To rectify, replace the "spin-on" Gar-Ber fuel filter cartridge (see accessories page).

Service & Parts

Avon's policy (since 1939) is to provide spare parts and Service for all products we manufacture or sell. We still service and supply parts to Electric Central Heating Systems that we first manufactured in 1952 !!!

Ask to any leading electrician, electrical wholesaler or electricity supplier for comment about Avon's reputation.

TOYOTOMI was established in 1948 and they have produced liquid fuelled heaters for over 50 years, and their policy is very similar to Avon. TOYOTOMI service what they sell. Many New Zealanders will remember TOYOSET kerosene heaters that were sold in the 1960's and 1970's in NZ. Many are still in service today.