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LASERTM FF-95 9.5kW Diesel Heater

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Avon Heating & Energy Ltd Warranty



From the date of sale or delivery to the original retail purchaser, Avon (Avon Heating & Energy Ltd) warrants each TOYOTOMI Heater and all specific TOYOTOMI parts and accessories thereof, to be free from defects in materials or workmanship, in normal residential or light commercial service for 24 months from the date of delivery to the original retail purchaser, subject to the following terms and conditions:

This warranty does not extend to any defect or failure caused by others, ie. unreasonable use or abuse, failure to properly install, operate, or maintain the heater, its accessories, safety controls and fuel supply quality, or damage by power supply variations, in accordance with the Installation and Operating Instructions supplied with the Heater. This warranty does not extend to burner mats, gaskets, fuel filters, and other "consumable accessories".



After the expiry of the above 2 year warranty, and including the "terms and conditions" in Part 2, Avon warrants the following components for a further 3 years......

The Stainless Steel pressed and tubular sheetmetal components comprising the Combustion Chamber, the Heat Exchanger, the Balanced Flue Assembly.

What We Will Do

For items in Part 1 - Avon will repair or replace at its discretion, and meet reasonable costs of travel and the ordinary time of an Avon approved technician to return the heater to operation, when all faulty materials or parts claimed or replaced are returned to Avon intact.

For Items in Part 2 - Avon will repair or replace at its discretion any defective part as detailed in Part 2, delivered to your nearest TOYOTOMI Dealer or Service Company or to Avon Heating & Energy Ltd ChCh.

What You Must Do When Making A Warranty Claim

Contact your supplier, or call our Customer Relations Dept (0800-379-247), quote the model and serial number of the Heater, and provide proof of the original date of sale, and that you are the original retail customer (see retail invoice, installation certificate etc). Ensure that the defective part is reasonably well packaged, and returned, intact, via ordinary transport, to Avon. We will reimburse returned parts costs, on presentation of the reciept.

Warranty Exclusions

In addition to the "terms and conditions" detailed in Part 1, the foregoing expresses all of Avon's obligations and liabilities with respect to the quality of the TOYOTOMI Heater and TOYOTOMI Accessories. All other warranties, loss of use, or any consequential losses whatsoever, that may be subject to any claim, are limited to the value (as detailed on Avon's original Invoice), of the particular TOYOTOMI Heater (Serial number), or TOYOTOMI accessory.

Any warranty or other claim, must be received in writing by Avon Heating & Energy Ltd within one calendar month of the event to which the claim relates.

No one, other than by written authority of Avon Heating & Energy Ltd has authority to extend or alter the terms and conditions of this Limited Warranty in any way whatsoever

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